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Investigation Files

Pearce II investigation - March 31-April 1, 2012

Hartman House investigation February 18-29, 2012

This section contains selected footage and/or audio from past investigations.  We typically post a “lite” version of clips or footage on our Facebook page after an investigation has been concluded but the full range of evidence captured is given to our client.  We feel a duty to our client to provide the full package of evidence to them first before making it public.  Due to the number of images, video footage clips, and audio files from each investigation we do not post each and every piece of evidence collected, as space simply does not permit that.  We do retain all of our footage, however, for our own use and for research/archival purposes.


All evidence we post is public domain and is footage our client has permitted to be publicized.  Additional footage we provide to our clients via their evidence presentation is theirs to keep and use as they see fit, including publicizing should they decide to do so.


Please note that our clients do sign a waiver, prior to any investigation, attesting to the fact that they do not intend to use evidence we collect as a means of getting out of a lease or mortgage on their home, business, etc.  Our waiver further states that any evidence we collect during an investigation is public domain and for research purposes only and we will not participate in any deliberate use of evidence for the purposes of breaching or abrogating a legal contract of any kind.


We have investigated numerous locations over the years, from homes to business establishments, to well known locations such as Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio and locales such as Cemetery Ridge and the Jenny Wade house in Gettysburg, PA to name just a few.  We are headquartered in the greater Ashland, Ohio area (hence our name) but travel anywhere a client requests our help.  More content is added here as time permits.