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About GAPR

Greater Ashland Paranormal Research is a paranormal research team based in the Ashland, Ohio area.  We are not a “club” but a group of likeminded individuals with an interest and experience in investigating claims of paranormal activity.  As such none of our investigators are ever forced to only investigate with us and we never claim ownership over any evidence captured and cataloged.  Indeed, our belief is that cataloged evidence belongs in the public domain.  Everyone benefits from the sharing of evidence regardless of what group or investigator captured it.


We always approach an investigation with the best interests of the client in mind. We conduct a pre-investigation interview whenever possible so that we can do some up-front fact finding in preparation for the actual investigation.  We typically will post some key evidence as media either on our website or on our Facebook page unless specifically requested not to do so by the client.  In every respect, our client’s privacy concerns are always respected.


We utilize a full range of equipment such as EMF, K2, and electrostatic electrometer data-logging equipment, thermal camera, infrared video cameras both handheld and static, normal spectrum video and still photo camera, digital audio and wireless audio.  However, these items are used only to assist the investigator in capturing evidence.  The investigative skill of the investigator is always the key and most important “tool” in any investigation of the paranormal.


Do we believe we are the best in the field?  Of course not.  Every investigative group and that group’s investigators have their own unique strengths.